How Ish Monroe Rigs His Boat with an HDS® Gen3 Network

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this is ish 2016 getting ready to get on the tour but first I got to rig my boat this is my boat for 2016 Bassmaster Elite Series I’m also gonna be fishing some of the Bassmaster opens and doing a few rail backs I think they’ve got a lot going on next year I got to get my boat ready from start to finish I got a lot of the same things I’m gonna be installing on the boat such as the Bob’s machine shop jack plate installing power poles the Yamaha sh oh and the motor guy trolling motor and teaming us all up you know with Marantz Jim three hds units those are some of the normal things I’ve been putting them I boat always got to have but I always got some special little tricks you know I got to have those in my boat so we’re gonna get to those later on after everything’s in the boat let’s go check it out one thing I did on my Ranger 521 see is I had Ranger put in the NEMA system for the marantz units the ethernet cables having to run all the cables while the top cap is off also installing you know the regular sonar transducer those are kind of things that help make this process a whole lot easier point one antennas running one in the stern and one in the bow so I can choose between those two point one antennas I can choose between transducers with any of the units here you know if I want to take the front unit and I want to look at the structure cam transducer that’s on the back unit I can do that at all the touch of a button when you network everything through this whole system right here those are just things that I did that made this process a whole lot easier for me one thing about the Yamaha sh-show that I think is really cool and that teams up with the Lorant units is I’m running the NEMA interface cable for the Yamaha SH oh basically what this is is well we put the motor on we can plug this into the motor and I can read just about everything you want to know from water pressure to temperature – how many psi of a fuel flow is all through my the ranch unit so it connects right to the engine through here and then we’re gonna run it and connect it into the NEMA backbone back here and I’ll be able to read all that information right off on the ranch unit now she’s all done everything is installed got to send her down to the Rapp shop in Phoenix Arizona they get wrapped up at liquid wrap just got it back from the rap shop man she looks beautiful now we’re gonna go through and show you all the cool little things I’ve done to this boat and get on the water I have to run motor got all the motor because I believe it’s the best motor on the market you know running the 109 I will be switching to the x5 that’s coming out this year team ended up with the HDI transducer from Lawrence is allowing me to get regular sonar and down scan at the same time from one transducer so I’ve got that mounted on the front of my motor guide this is where all the magic happens folks and I mean the magic this is where the fish it happens you know the cool foot teamed up on the motor guide troller motor running a point one up front so that the arrow was straight when I’m fishing you know out on the water HDS gen3 connected to the units in the back so whether I punch in a waypoint there I punch a waypoint there all the waypoints are going to show up through the NEMA and through the ethernet system that have set up through here on the whole of ramps unit running the second point one antenna on the back and the serious weather module so I got Sirius XM Radio and weather on my tula ranch in three units so the point one allows me to get a GPS coordinate here on the back of the boat for when I’m driving at the console and then I have the point one on the front for when I’m getting the GPS coordinates on the front of the boat from the front unit and then the serious weather module okay what else can you ask for who doesn’t eat sirius XM radio listening to the heat you know shade 45 and then getting the weather on there i’m able to figure out the storms in the wind direction from the weather so that’s giving me an actual radar and that i can actually position myself it actually helped me when I won Lake Okeechobee I saw the storm coming in went to a different section of the lake missed the storm caught a bunch of fish just options that you might need to have for finding locating the fish the ranch in three units dual teamed up on the bass folks technology mount that is mounted very simple to mount same screws that you had for the plate that was there these mulcher bass mode technologies mount right there you can run dual units I love running dual gin three touched units just because I can see so much on my screen I’ll have a sonar screen out of a structure scan screen I’ll have a mapping screen and be able to see it all also able to control the sonic hub so listening to my music when I’m there and that’s mounted all up underneath the console here and that’s pretty much my console for what I’m gonna be looking at all through the season here it is I’m excited my boat’s ready I’m ready 2016 is getting ready to start I’m ready to go fish with all my goodies so let’s go you

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